GENE NAMEmyelin basic protein
The protein encoded by the classic MBP gene is a major constituent of the myelin sheath of oligodendrocytes and Schwann cells in the nervous system. However, MBP-related transcripts are also present in the bone marrow and the immune system. These mRs arise from the long MBP gene (otherwise called "Golli-MBP") that contains 3 additional exons located upstream of the classic MBP exons. Altertive splicing from the Golli and the MBP transcription start sites gives rise to 2 sets of MBP-related transcripts and gene products. The Golli mRs contain 3 exons unique to Golli-MBP, spliced in-frame to 1 or more MBP exons. They encode hybrid proteins that have N-termil Golli aa sequence linked to MBP aa sequence. The second family of transcripts contain only MBP exons and produce the well characterized myelin basic proteins. This complex gene structure is conserved among species suggesting that the MBP transcription unit is an integral part of the Golli transcription unit and that this arrangement is important for the function and/or regulation of these genes. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]


Complication Evidence PMID
Neuropathy1. The increased transcript levels of P0 and MBP suggest that Schwann cells can modulate gene expression of myelin-specific proteins in response to diabetic-induced metabolic derangement. Such a change may represent a higher turnover of myelin proteins as an attempt by the Schwann cells to repair the diabetes-induced nerve damage. The observed pattern of transcript amount is only slightly influenced by insulin treatment.8710212